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  • The Autumn Fair 2018 - Changsha

    Autumn Session 2018 - Changsha

    Tao IWSS (off site show) 
    - Empark Grand Hotel Changsha
    Exhibition center (main show)
    - Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center





    Why Changsha?

    Changsha had held the CFDF 5 times in history. Changsha is a major city located at the middle reaches of the Yangtze River with rapid economic growth, its region of influences reach all across province at central China. Besides, its strategic position made it the most important commercial hub in central China. In recent decade, a 6 billion yuan invest for Changsha international exhibition center had been activated, offering the capacity to host all ranges of international level exhibitions.

    • Tao IWSS - Wine Beer & Spirits Area
      Tao IWSS Autumn Fair
      Autumn - Wine Area
      Autumn -  Beer Area
      Autumn - Activities
    • CFDF Main Fair - Exhibition Center
      Autumn CFDF - Exhibition Center
      Autumn CFDF - Wine Area
      Autumn CFDF - Wine area2
      Autumn CFDF - Beer Area
  • The Spring Fair 2019 - Chengdu
  • March, 2018

    Chengdu Shangri-la & Kempinski HotelSpring Session 2018 - Chengdu

    Chengdu Western China International Expo City

    Why Chengdu?

    Chengdu has been recorded as one of the city with highest economic growth. Its strategic position made this historical city become the most important commercial hub as well as the main gateway to China’s western market. FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) has been rapidly flow to Chengdu in recent decades, Chengdu has the capacities (either economical or cultural) to become China’s most developed city in southwest China.

    • Wineries & Brand Enterprises Area - Shangri-la
    • Wine & Beer Importers Area - Kempinski
    • CFDF Main Fair - Exhibition Center
      western city
2018.10.21-24  Tao IWSS (off site show) - Empark Grand Hotel Changsha          2018.10.25-27  Exhibition center (main show)- Changsha International Convent...
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March, 2018Chengdu Shangri-la & Kempinski HotelChengdu Western China International Expo CityWhy Chengdu?Chengdu has been recorded as one of the city with highest economic growth. Its strategic pos...
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