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Release date: 2018 - 03 - 26
Started from March 18th to 21th, this year, according to the organizer, PACCO Shenzhen, who organized the Táo IWSS (International Wine &Spirits Show) both in Shangri-la and Kempinski hotels Chengdu, was excited to announce another smashing record for 2018.OverviewTáo IWSS 2018 Spring4 Days, trade-only hotels shows exclusive for wine, spirits and beers sectors15Pavilions from the most well-known and emerging worldwide wine-producing countries and regions, as well as China32 Innovated events with divers themes and forms hosted by industrial authorities from globe included MW, MS and KOLs550+International and domestic exhibitors showcased in Kempinski hotel Chengdu600+International and domestic exhibitors showcased in Shangri-la hotel Chengdu80,000+Trade buyers from all over China (cover different range of cities) and increasing numbers of International trade visitors.A HOTEL SHOW ALL ABOUT BUSINESSTáo IWSS Shangri-la hotel showTáo IWSS Kempinski hotel showTáo...
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Release date: 2018 - 11 - 21
PACCO, China's Leading Exhibition and Marketing Organization, provides high quality promotion service for wine & spirits industry with a professional team of 18 years of experience.“With Professional ServicePACCO Will PresentA Full Range of Wonderful Events in 2019!”TaoShow - Hotel show- The Spring Fair, Chengdu - China Food and Drinks Fair (CFDF) is the largest and most influential food and drinks fair in China. It will be the 100th session in 2019 March. TaoShow is the most professional wine, beer and spirits hotel show during CFDF.After ten years of efforts, TaoShow has won it reputation with professional service and high quality trade show organizer. TaoShow is the founder of wine hotel fair (Chengdu Kempinski Hotel), and the keeper of quality and brand hotel fair leader (Chengdu Shangri-la Hotel).Tao & G100 National Roadshow- 60 Roadshows in 60 cities - The Tao & G100 Roadshow, has been hold in more than ...
Up to date:
Release date: 2018 - 03 - 31
As of March 16th, more than 200 exhibitors have confirmed to take part in the autumn session of Tao IWSS 2018, aka the Changsha Empark Grand Hotel Show. Here's the list:德国葡萄酒联盟(中国)有限公司新西兰贸易发展局ASOCIACION BODEGAS DE NAVARRA (西班牙Navarra产区展团)BODEGA INURRIETABODEGAS PAGOS DE ARAIZBODEGAS MARCO REAL/ SEÑORIO DE ANDIONBODEGAS OCHOABODEGAS NEKEASQUADERNA VIA /ORGANIC WINESBODEGAS CAMPOS DE ENANZO"北京挖玖电子商务有限公司吉喜福酒业(北京)有限责任公司建发物流集团有限公司吉雅(GIYA)国际贸易有限公司南京祥虎国际贸易有限公司珠海经济特区全达实业有限公司杭州唐源贸易有限公司沈阳梦泽商贸有限公司广州十六区酒业有限公司广州众利酒业酒玩家国际贸易(上海)有限公司厦门世展星宏进出口有限公司普斯特(上海)国际贸易有限公司上港酒业(广州)有限公司蚂蚁红酒(深圳)有限公司宁波市佰唐商贸有限公司深圳市龙菲酒庄南京佛勒都娜贸易有限公司广州野城酒具用品有限公司上海沙地网络科技发展有限公司云浮市华瑞实业有限公司普斐尔贸易(深圳)有限公司北京馥雅泰和商贸有限公司深圳格源商贸有限公司佛山市夏多俐进出口贸易有限公司深圳多姆斯贸易有限公司广州高树贸易有限公司深圳市芭黎之花投资有限公司吉卡斯国际酒业(北京)有限公司圣尚联合酒业(北京)有限公司上海弋林国际贸易有限公司本通国际贸易(上海)有限公司东莞市红鹦鹉酒业有限公司山西鱻淼酒庄有限公司北京天使蓝莓酒销售有限公司英佩尔(上海)酒业有限公司温州帕乐玛酒业有限公司北京奥鼎国际酒业有限公司重庆醇馥贸易有限公司上海食行客供应链管理有限公司青岛世纪传世进出口有限公司深圳市乐维贸易有限公司沈阳市沈河区玳伊莱葡萄酒庄上海宝锳企业管理有限公司"JEAN-NOËL BOIDRON Château Corbin Michotte( 3...
Up to date:
Release date: 2018 - 04 - 03
G100 Awards focuses on selecting the most cost-effective wines in Chinese market, and take award-winning wines to cities with market potential.Every station of G100 roadshow arracted attention and participation by a large number of local professional buyers.The masterclass of G100 roadshow give in-depth explanation to the award-winning wines, so that the participants can understand the wine and relevant information more thoroughly.The free tasting events of G100 roadshow provide good communication and negotiation atmosphere for the professional buyers and exhibitors, and effectively assist the award-winning wine dealers to find the right purchasers. In 2018, G100 will cooperate with Tao IWSS and host roadshow in 32 cities,to explore and develop your business with potential buyers all over China.   The free tasting event and master class in G100 roadshow 2017  —— SCHEDULE 2018 ——
Up to date:
Release date: 2018 - 04 - 25
Veronafiere is organizing the Vinitaly China Roadshow in collaboration with Shenzhen PACCO Cultural Communication Co., Ltd and Italian Trade Agency alongside the "I love Italian Wines" training courses seek to identify new areas in China where Italian wine can be launched. The south-eastern part of China is particularly interesting and a new outlet for the sector. The Roadshow will be held in 3 cities: Shenzhen is a first-tier city, followed by Changsha and Wuhan as second-tier cities.CitiesDatesShenzhenMonday, 11 JuneChangshaWednesday, 13 JuneWuhanThursday, 14 JuneThe event (invitation only) is exclusively for an audience of professionals (HORECA, agents, distributors, etc.). The Roadshow format will enable Italian producers and their Chinese distributors to set up a dedicated walk-around tasting area with tables/desks for each company, a duration of 4 hours with the possibility of presenting up to 6 labels for each participant. A not-to -be missed opportunity to t...
Up to date:
Release date: 2018 - 08 - 17
The 13th G100 Super Wine Awards Launching Ceremony and the award-winning wines tasting dinner jointly hosted by the G100 Awards Committee and Shenzhen PACCO Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. were held at the JW Marriott Hotel Beijing Central in the evening of 16th August. Nearly 200 people including the organizers, representatives of the judges, award-winning wine companies, professionals and media of wine industry attended the event.The chairman of the G100 Awards Committee Alan Hung, judges Songquan Guo, Hans Qu, Noel Chi, Steven Li, the general manager greater China of Veronafiere S.p.A., Italy Simone Incontro, business officer of Business France Juilette Caron, and the G100 team co-chaired the launching ceremony of the 13th G100 Super Wine Awards.Mr. Alan Hung, the Chairman of the G100 Awards Committee of the G100 Competition, and Mr. Songquan Guo, the representative of judges, addressed the development history of the G100 competition and the important role ...
Wedding Video · VIDEO A video, about a beautiful More
Release time: 2013 - 11 - 27
Theme wedding  · / THEME
On this day, we are the happiest one pair
2013 - 11 - 29
IWSS Welcome DinnerAt the First day of IWSS, Pacco will conventionally invite the local Alcohol Association,key distributors and hundreds of wine exhibitors to our welcome Dinner Relax 丨 Network ...
2013 - 11 - 29
Discussion ForumDiscussion Forum to be hold during the IWSS. Thousands of the industrial specialists, experts and enthusiasts will be invited.Besides the discussion forum,more than 20 programs su...
2013 - 11 - 29
Master Class  With PACCO's dedicated spirit and the advantage of resources,we established close relationship with many active wine experts in China.Along with the rapid development of wine m...
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